Ned Lamont Sworn in as Governor

Ned Lamont is sworn in as Governor of Connecticut (Source: Hartford Courant)

It was a busy day in Hartford as the legislative session kicked off and Ned Lamont was sworn in as the 89th Governor of Connecticut. The day started off with the opening session in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Joe Aresimowicz was re-elected as Speaker of the House and Martin Looney was chosen as the President Pro Tempore of the Senate. There were many new faces at the capitol today. In 2018, 41 new members of the state legislature were elected.

After the opening of the session for the legislature, the spotlight turned to the state armory for the inauguration of Ned Lamont. Following the swearing in of the constitutional officers, Former Chief Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court Chase Rogers administered the oath of office to Governor Ned Lamont. After the oath, the Governor gave a brief inaugural address. Governor Lamont thanked his supporters, the constitutional officers, and Governor Malloy. He then said that he would not let his term be defined by a fiscal crisis.

The inauguration was followed by a 19 gun salute from the Connecticut National Guard and the Inaugural Parade. Governor Lamont marched alongside his family in a parade that featured the Harding High School Marching Band and the Governor’s Foot Guard. The Governor received a warm welcome and supporters cheered as he walked by.

Later in the afternoon, the Governor gave his State of the State Address to a joint session of the House and the Senate. In a speech that lasted just over 20 minutes, Lamont said he would deliver a budget and told legislators “Let’s fix the damn budget once and for all”. Democratic legislators erupted with applause when the Governor proposed a $15 minimum wage and family and medical leave. However, the address was very bipartisan and Lamont says that his door is always open. Governor Lamont definitely offers a different approach than his predecessor and he has a tough job ahead of him.

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  1. Hi, Ryan!
    I hope you enjoyed all the inaugural festivities today! I taped everything & am looking for you in the crowds!
    Hope to see you at Emily’s 11th party!


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