David M. Walker Blog

On Monday August 14th I had the opportunity to meet with former United States Comptroller General David M. Walker. Dave is a republican candidate for Governor in 2018. Dave has a very interesting backstory. He was born in Alabama and has lived in several states since then. He then went on to receive his B.S. in accounting from Jacksonville University and a Senior Management in Government Certificate in public policy from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. Dave first worked in accounting for several years for firms such as Arthur Andersen LLP. Dave has been confirmed unanimously three times by the U.S. Senate, which included serving in the labor department during the Reagan administration. In 1998, Bill Clinton nominated Dave as the United States Comptroller General. He was confirmed unanimously by the senate. The Comptroller General is the head of the Government Accountability Office (GAO). The Comptroller General’s job is to ensure the fiscal and managerial accountability of the federal government. In the interview, Dave talks more about the appointment process, the responsibilities of the Comptroller General, and some of the things he accomplished while he was in the office. In 2010 Dave stepped down from the job and went on to serve on various foundations and initiatives that worked to make sure the federal government was spending, and using their money wisely. Dave is now a candidate for governor and wants to turn around the state. He talks more about his campaign and how he will turn around the state in the interview. I interviewed Dave at 5pm at his house on the water in the black rock section of Bridgeport. As I arrived, he was wrapping up a meeting with one of his campaign staffers. Dave was very welcoming and we talked for a while before and after the interview. My interview setup looked very good. I had a model of a ship and the ocean behind Dave and I. The interview lasted a little over 20 minutes and I asked him about many issues facing the state as well as more about his career and personal life. I really enjoyed my interview with David M. Walker and I wish him luck on the campaign trail.

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